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WTT: Sports for eSports... and a Cheeseburger.

    People are undeniably obsessed with sports, they fill stadium seats whether it is football, hockey, or equestrian (horseback riding as some know it). People attend to see others demonstrate the combination of natural talent, rigid training, and commitment to their sport. Can the same be said for eSports? This certainly isn't a tough question at the moment as we don't see people flocking to sports bars and talking about how sick it was when SK Gaming pulled off that stunning Penta-kill on Curse at the finals, but instead talk about an athlete dunking on someone for the the 17th game in a row while the chances of that Penta-Pwn happening in League is less than 1 in a 1,000.

Something just isn't right there, but according to authors at Destructoid and specifically an article titled Trends of this Generation: The Rise of eSports" this is something that we should see changing, something we can actually already see changing for that matter. The article starts off with a photo of a stadium filled with gaming enthusiasts and fans sporting their favorite teams merch, not quite the Super Bowl but nevertheless a hefty crowd.
Super Bowls are for Super Soup, this is a real event.
The author then leads in to how he never understood what made eSports entertainment, it just didn't click for him until he saw a pro choose his favorite character and he immediately felt connected to what was going on. This is a reason I see eSports as something that deserves to have the fame of that athletic sports has because you feel that connection because you have a feel for the game, you know what it is like, you know what their options are, but you are clueless as to how a pro equestrian rider feels, and chances are that you will never have the chance to but that isn't true in the gaming community. Want to see if you can pull off that same move you favorite pro just pulled off in-game? Load it up and have a go at it. The rise of eSports is a rapid one as people realize the action, talent, and teamwork is as great in video games as it is any sport. The increase is evident due to the larger attendance at gaming events, bigger prizes, and the increased spectating of matches and tournaments online. Streaming is yet another reason why eSports have seeing so much success as more and more people tune in to watch and MLG streams. These ESPN's of the eSport world have led to more people getting into the idea that this is entertainment, even so much that an "eSports bar"  is opening next month in the UK. Am I the only one excited about eating spicy chicken wings with a beer in hand while watching the MLG Winter Finals? I hope not. ESports is here to stay... hopefully with a waiter wearing a Zelda T-Shirt rocking nerdy glasses with my cheeseburger and nachos in hand. Yum, I love me some eSports.