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The Fantasy World of Skyrim

Skyrim is a game that is full of fantasy. It is not anything unexpected to find yourself battling with an army of draugr. Also, lets not forget that the character you choose to play the game as may be a human, elf, or an orc. Skyrim is a world full of fantasy, but this fantasy is under the control of the game rules.  For instance, when you select a character you are given a list of strengths and weaknesses. If you choose a character that is excellent at using magic, you should immediately know that melee style fighting is not their forte. So, if you take a character that should be used for fighting as a mage and fight with them as a warrior, you will be at a disadvantage because the rules of the game are set up to follow a characters strengths and weaknesses. Also, the rules govern simple things like health and magic. If you get hit, you know you will loose health and if you use magic, you know you will loose magicka. These rules, however, do start to flex depending on the enemy you are fighting against. A hit from one enemy may not do as much damage as a hit from another. If you use certain spells, they will use more magicka than others. This is where you have to take the rules of the game and create a strategy for yourself by factoring in how much damage you will receive,  how much damage you can cause, how much magicka your spells will use, and what the most effective spell to use is.

Play time and game time in Skyrim are two very different things. The game is set up in a way where you can see game time progress as day turns to night. I timed how much time passes in the game for every minute that passes in real time and found that for every minute of real time, twenty minutes of game time pass. However, even though the time in the game is sped up so much, it is not that noticeable as there is ample time passing between day and night that keeps the game from seeming like it progresses too fast. One thing that I have noticed is that Skyrim has to switch to a load screen fairly often. However, the developers of the game did an excellent job keeping the game going even though there is a loss of play time. On every load screen, there is background information about the world in the game or useful hints. Sometimes you may be greeted with nothing more than a quote on a load screen but this is enough to keep you interested until game play resumes.