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Rewards in Skyrim

After reading Unlocking the Gameworld: The Rewards of Space and Time in Videogames by Alison Gazzard, I focused on the rewards system in Skyrim. I noticed that Skyrim is full of social rewards. Every time you kill something you can raid the body for items. Most of these items have no value or minimal value in the game. However, I can talk with my friends about some of the items that I have found and we can compare items to see who has the most items and who has the rarest items. This gives the items I find value outside of the game world.
Skyrim is also has facility rewards or rewards of space. One option you have in this game is to fast travel to a destination. However, you can not fast travel to a place until you have traveled there on foot first. One of the perks to exploring is having the option to fast travel to a destination once you have discovered it. 
Skyrim has many goal driven rewards. You can choose from a variety of quests to complete, most of which do not contribute to the main story line. There are certain items you can only get by completing a certain quest. So, it is very motivational for the player to complete these quests to obtain the item they  have been wanting. Some of the smaller quests may also influence the main story line depending on which quest you complete or the choices made during the quest.  Some of the items you gain from completing these quests may not necessarily have value in the game world. However, they are a great way to socialize about the game with friends.