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A Mythical Machine-Slicing Blade

Another JRPG worth blogging, even talking about, is called Xenoblade Chronicles. It is an exciting game with expansive gameplay, great graphics, good music, and a simple, yet complex, ability upgrade system that makes some players think of Final Fantasy, but with a quality like World of Warcraft.

The story begins eons in the past, with 2 titans battling each other. One is called the "Bionis," symbolizing light and life. The other is called the "Mechonis," which sybolizes darkness and machine. These 2 entities battle each other to be the ruler of the universe. When they struck a fatal blow to each other, they froze in time. Eons later, life rises from the Bionis, with lush landscapes teeming with creatures. Humans that live from the Bionis are called "Homs." They think of the Bionis as their own world they live in. However, Machines called "Mechon" arise from the Mechonis with the malicious intent of destroying life and taking over the Bionis. Its clear that these are the "bad guys" that are trying to "take over the world." The Homs tried to fend off the Mechon, but their weapons are useless. However, there is one weapon that can destroy the Mechon, but it's so powerful, if it is not held by the one it's compatible with, it harms its wielder. This famed almighty weapon is called the Monado.

It has an amazing power that will prove to be useful throughout the course of the game. It lets the player see moments into the future, whether its during the story, items and collectables being picked up, or during battle. The catch is that the future is what will happen if the player does not do anything about it. It is mostly useful for battles, because it lets the player see seconds into the future which enemy, what attack it will use, its target, how much damage it deals, and how long until it happens.

The gameplay is similar to World of Warcraft, because it has an ability palate that a player can cycle through and execute attacks from it, along with their own cooldown times, and the armor and weapons have slots for gems to enhance the effects of the characters' stats. Strategy comes into play when a player uses different characters for their effective abilities. There is a technique for inflicting high amounts of damage to a single enemy, such as a boss, called a chain attack. When a chain attack is executed, battle stops, and each character can execute an attack the player chooses, hitting the enemy successfully, starting with the character the player controls, then to the 2nd character and then the 3rd. If the player is lucky, another attack can be added to the chain continuously up to 15 attacks.


Xenoblade Chronicles is an extensive game that may take more than 70 hours to complete the entire story alone. The graphics are almost as good as the games on Xbox, and even the characters stand out in the game, especially with their english accents, knowing that the voice cast consists of english actors. The designers have made an outstanding game worth playing 70 hours for.


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