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I absolutely love Okami.  I used to hate using a Wii but I actually don't mind it now.  The game is great, kind of touchy when it comes to movement but still great.  The game is based on Japanese mythology and even has a element of Japanese ink painting, yep that's where the touchy part comes in.  It is a progressive game with a ton of cut scenes and very few save spots, so when it says master how to attack, it really means it.  I was easily killed four times and had to redo a whole section of the game before being able to get the hang out of the Wii controller.  That aside it is truly a beautiful game.  The graphics are well done even though it is an older game.  The thing i didn't like though was how time just suddenly changed from day to night without any indication that it would, that was annoying.  Either way I suggest playing the game.