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Blast from the Past

About an hour ago I stumbled across a Game Boy Color emulator on tumblr.  Since then, I have been enjoying re-living a part of my childhood by playing Pokemon Yellow.

Pokemon Yellow was my first game ever on any console.  I remember the first time I started it up, I couldn't figure out how to get out of the bedroom, so I turned it off and set it aside, content with doing something else.

About a month later, I picked it back up, actually figured out how to get out of them bedroom, and then my adventure was on.  I remember training my Pikachu to level 25 before taking on Brock, the first gym, because for whatever reason I thought it evolved at that level.  It didn't, which was disappointing, but I kicked Brock's butt so no harm done.  I went on to defeat the Elite Four and later accidentally challenged them again because I thought since I was the league champion they wouldn't fight me (I was very, very wrong).

Obviously, I wasn't the brightest child when it came to video games.

Now, however, through this neat little emulator, I can enjoy my first game all over again, this time with minimal blunders.

It's odd, I think, how I still love this game and, in a strange way, prefer it over the newer versions.  Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love all the Pokemon games and have favorites from ever generation, but I find the old ones, with only 150 Pokemon (151 if you want to get technical) more relaxing.  Maybe it's nostalgia.  I think though, it might be the simplicity.  These games (Red, Blue (or Green), then Yellow) were the beginning of the Pokemon saga and as such they paved the way for all the other games.  I enjoyed Yellow most, since cute little Pikachu follows me around. 

Perhaps it's the amount of work that the player must put into the newer games.  There are 649 or so Pokemon now that are difficult to keep track of.  It makes completing the Pokedex seem like such a daunting task that why would one even bother trying?  There are more gyms to complete, bigger plots to unravel, and more areas to explore.  It's all very neat, but it can be overwhelming as well.

So, I like Pokemon Yellow.  I like the simple little graphics (though that 3D factor in Black/White is AWESOME), I like the easy gameplay, I like the memorable characters, I like the 12 gyms and the Elite Four, I like Team Rocket, and I like the nostalgia.