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Valve and Its Beautiful Commercials

Some of the commercials and trailers for Portal 2 can be quite humurous. My personal favorite is the Romance Safety Compliance commercial. As I was watching all sorts of misshaps take place to the man trying to woo his love interest I couldn't help but giggle at all the presents and the facts that go with them. All wound up in some sort of tragedy except for the 'gift' of playing Portal 2 co-op together. Having played through the co-op in Portal 2 I know how brutal it can be if your partner decides it will be more fun to kill you instead of solving the puzzles. There were a few times I did the same because I was frustrated at all the 'accidental' deaths. Another pretty awesome trailer has Cave Johnson as the sales pitcher. Basically he tells people to invest in Aperture laboratories and shows proof of progress by showing the development of the Long Fall Boots. It is pretty obvious they developed these boots due to the destruction of equipment which is a result from the death of the test subjects. Normally the total disregard for human life would surprise me but after playing through the games it is actually expected. What else should one expect from the company that created GLaDOS?
Valve took a lot of care in their advertising campaign for Portal 2. They handled all the marketing themselves instead of risking marketers from misinterpreting the games and therefor causing misconceptions on the part of the consumers. This descision saved the company some money and the commercials are polished. A wonderful mesh of science, humor, and co-op used in the commercials make the game look like a wonderful investment of one's hard earned cash. I am replaying the chapters and comparing different aspects of the commercials to the game, looking to see if there are any unintentional misleading aspects of the commercials.