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Turrets on sale

Towards the end of the game (not sure what chapter) players can notice that the turrets we've come to know so well are being placed in boxes that resemble ones we would see at any local big retail store. This further empowers my suspicion that the products being made in the Aperture Science Labs have been distributed in the world. Doesn't have the necessary ideas right now to explain what this means, but i'm sure, since it was included, it has some significance.


  1. In Portal 2 there is a part of the game where one can view turrets being assembled and boxed. If you play with the commentary on the Dev team explains they put this display in so that one could see how the turrets are constantly being recycled. They then go further to joke that soon after they're boxed they are taken out and placed in a testing room and the box discarded. They say that somewhere in Aperture is a massive stack of discarded boxes that continues to grow as its the only thing that isn't recycled in the turret making process.


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