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Science as a Selling Point

Unlike most of my peers I had not played through Portal before enrolling into this class. However I had seen a few bits and pieces played so I had a fairly decent idea of what I would be getting myself into when I signed up for the class. Needless to say I was excited about taking the class and it was intensified when I watched the trailers for Portal 2. What really stood out to me within the commercial was the line "We're going to have fun with science." From my experience, consumers generally don't get excited about science yet Portal and Portal 2 seem to be able to get people pumped up about this fact. Everyone I have discussed this with really enjoys the realistic physics within the games. Over the past week and a half I have been playing through both Portal and Portal 2 and I have to say I have been enjoying it myself. There is something satisfying about solving a puzzle using realistic physics. Although I would like to explore why Valve decided to focus on the science in their adds over the co-op feature. Yes, the science ads works but several of the popular game titles are multiplayer so why not boast that feature as well? Or is it implied in the commercial with the two robots playing with the portal gun? Whatever the answer may be, I am currently having "fun with science" and I hope to have more answers next week regarding the marketing choices.