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Gender Balancing

It was interesting when GLaDos revealed that Wheatley was in fact created to be her counterpart and to offset her extreme intellect. As opposed to traditional culture, Wheatley, whom is depicted as a male robot, is not originally in the seat of power. Also when he does obtain power, he becomes corrupted since he is not designed to control the facility and to have great responsibility. Throughout Portal and Portal 2, the female robot, GLaDos, is in charge, though usually it doesn't appear to be the most favorable situation. In the finale of Portal 2, it is made known that GLaDos is the most suitable candidate for the position of power. In conclusion, game designers gave a female ultimate power instead of a male, but gave the other female [Chelle] the lowest authority, a submissive, mute test subject. Male characters however were given a very vocal role with moderate authority.