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Fighting Mongoose Personal and Perhaps Baseless Observation

One more, courtesy of Josh:

Men are testosterone-infused egomaniacs and women are estrogen-infused talking time-bombs. These more or less summerize the negative stereo types of both genders, excluding the penchants for allocations of money at particular venues. Now, to take this a step further and relate this to the video game world, games pre-dominately housing male characters are almost exclusively about killing something or another and saving the world, whereas games pre-dominately housing female characters are puzzle games and interaction based games, examples of both being:

Man games: Gears of War, Halo, Killzone, Killswitch, Uncharted, Assassin's Creed

Woman games: Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing, Portal, Dance Dance Revolution (Yes, I counted the avatars in all these games, they are pre-dominately female)

To take this observation to the domain of Portal, even the assault and subsequent death of GLaDos is a puzzle adventure in which the protagonist never directly attacks GlaDos itself (I refuse to believe that a machine with a female voice is therefore a woman, it is merely a projection of the makers who decided to give the AI a female voice). I haven't been able to craft any real intelligent responses for this, but will update as more information is revealed to me out of the depths of my mind.


  1. Someone did a famous study of boy vs. girl games back in the day. Maybe it was Carol Gilligan? Maybe actually in her book In a Different Voice? Her argument was like yours, that boys tend to focus on competition--someone has to win--whereas girls tend to play games that downplay the winning and losing and focus on cooperation, like jump rope or dolls.


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