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Another Glance at Co-op

Continuing on my previous statements this may be a good place to discuss the teamwork in the multi-player aspect of Portal 2 and teh effect of the game on teamwork. The multi-player portion of the game is difficult if played with a person for only a short amount of time and if it is played with a person non-stop it is very frustrating for one or both players depending on the personalities of the two. The game itself adds stress with GLaDOS saying that 0ne player is doing better than or more more work than the other. This is also shown in single player in the chapter titled "The Escape" at the when Wheatley is put in control, GLaDOS pushes Wheatly to grow resentful of Chell which is the cause of the second half of the game to take place. All these factors make Portal 2 difficult and frustrating at times but it is for some reason fun.